Best Remote Control Tug Boat

Shipcontroller is a high-tech remote control system which allows you to maneuver your boat from the most convenient position to perform, with safety and precision, low-speed maneuvers such as docking, anchoring, approaching the fuel dock, or mooring to a buoy. Shipcontroller lets you move along the boat to maneuver from the most convenient position, always keeping full control of the boat. To know aboutĀ remote control tugboat. Some of the remote controlĀ boats are mentioned below.

  • RC tug boat.
  • Happy Hunter Salvage Tug Boat with Drive Set 1:50 Krick Robbe RC Model Kit.
  • Neptune Tug Boat including Fittings 1:50 Scale Robbe RC Model Kit.
  • Model Slipways Dutch Courage RC Tug Boat kit incl. Optional Prop set.
  • RC tug boat hull fiberglass 36×8-1/2.